Getting Around



The cheapest way to travel in Karimun is by mikrolet. These small minibuses run a fairly standard route and pick up and drop off passengers anywhere along the way. By the way, the locals call them "oplet". You can get almost anywhere in Tanjung Balai for Rp 3,000. Tanjung Balai to Meral is Rp 2,500. However, they do not run outside of the main city.


This would be one of the ideal way to explore Karimun but you will need to bring your bicycle on-board the ferry as there are no bicycle rental shops there. Please check with the respective ferry operators as they may charge a small fee.

Local Driver

To have a more pleasant and relax trip, you may wish to hire a local Chinese Speaking Driver. Daily rate is Rp 200,000 - Rp 250,000