1. Q: What is PHIFT’s Customer Service number?

A: You may contact PHIFT Customer Service at +607 5600 567

2. Q: What are PHIFT Operation Hours?

A: Our business hours are from 7.00AM until 8.30PM.

3. Q: What address should I use to put into Google Maps, Waze or my GPS?

A: Puteri Harbour International Ferry Terminal

4. Q: How do you ensure the safety of all passengers at PHIFT?

A: Our Auxillary Police are present at PHIFT to ensure the safety of all passengers and conduct security checks prior to our passengers boarding.

5. Q: Is there a bank or ATM Machine nearby?

A: The nearest ATM is at Hotel Jen.

6. Q: Are there money changer facilities available at PHIFT?

A: Yes, The money changer is next to the Customer Service Counter.

7. Q: Can I change my money on board?

A: No. We advise that passengers carry sufficient local currency for their destination, prior to boarding the ferry.

8. Q: Is smoking permitted at PHIFT?

A: There are designated smoking zones within PHIFT and we ask that you refrain from smoking outside of these designated zones. Fines of up to RM500 will be levied upon passengers found smoking outside of the designated zones.

9. Q: Is parking available at PHIFT?

A: PHIFT provides free car parking for the convenience of ferry passengers.

10. Q: What facilities and services are available for people with disabilities?

A: Yes. Our facilities are disabled friendly with wheelchairs, stretchers and disabled toilets provided. Disabled passengers are also entitled to priority immigration clearance.

11. Q: What is PHIFT’s Lost and Found policy?

A: Lost and Found items will be reported and retained by the Auxiliary Police. Lost and Found items can only be released during business hours and please contact +607 5600 541 for further assistance.

12. Q: Who do I contact for advertising, joint marketing proposals, travel packagaing and sponshorship opportunities within PHIFT and onboard the ferries?

A: Kindly email your enquiries at our management team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)